The Significance of the Internet in Your Business

Did you know that the Internet infrastructure you use can impact the success of your business?

In its early days, when the Internet first came into existence, it started out as a communication network that could only be accessed by the U.S. Department of Defense and large technology companies. Then, the first web pages were created and their creators could share information with visitors, yet it was limited because people could not interact on these pages.

However, in 2003, the Internet went from being passive to becoming Web 2.0 and since then it has revolutionized the lifestyles of those who constantly interact with each other sharing information and collaborating through blogs, chats, and social networks. The Internet has become a vital part of our modern life and its integration in businesses is part of it.

It has become very important and fundamental for the growth of any type of business. As an example of the importance of the Internet in the world, we would like to share with you some statistics published by the World Economic Forum,* where it was reported that in 2021, in a single minute on the Internet:

  • $1.6 million were spent on online purchases.
  • 69 million text messages were sent.
  • 197.6 million emails were sent.
  • 28,000 Netflix subscribers connected to watch.
  • 695,000 stories were shared on Instagram.
  • Nearly 70 million messages were sent via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


As you can see, based on the data above, there is no doubt that the Internet is definitely important, but how important is it for business? The introduction of the Internet in our society brought a permanent change in how businesses develop:

  • The Internet knows no geographical boundaries, which is why it is one of the most effective tools for reaching customers.  
  • It facilitates communication between all key areas of a company such as manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, sellers, wholesalers, and distributors, among others. Using interactive channels, such as chats and emails, can keep businesses connected.   
  • In addition, it is far less expensive than any other communication channel and, at the same time, allows direct contact with the target audience. 
  • Regardless of where clients or customers are located, the Internet can bring people together and promote products in a unique way.


However, it is important to keep in mind that there is one key factor that no merchant should overlook when deciding to integrate the Internet into their business: their infrastructure. Specially because it impacts the success of their business.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate what we mean…

We often find businesses that did not consider the infrastructure for data management (internet cabling, server space, Wi-Fi antennas, etc.) in the design of their store. In fact, in some instances they are building or remodeling their business and their blueprints do not even identify the checkout area or where the terminals with their power outlets or the necessary wiring will be located.

The merchant should ALWAYS keep in mind that having internet access in the right spot eases the flow within the store as well as the customer’s experience. We can prevent a negative impact on internet bandwidth access by following the recommendations below:

  • Place Wi-Fi antennas in the ideal location for a fast connection.  
  • Choose a plan with the necessary speed and bandwidth for all systems to work properly, especially the payment system.  
  • Take into account the equipment you will be adding to your business. Be aware that, if you add security cameras, music streaming, or public Wi-Fi, it can impact the speed of your payment system. 


The bottom line is that the Internet infrastructure must be considered from the very beginning and every time you modify your technological ecosystem. This is the only way to avoid surprises, slowdowns, or service interruptions. In fact, the industry already has applications that help you measure your Internet bandwidth, and these are very good tools that we recommend you use to monitor and provide a clear picture of the bandwidth needs of your business.  

At Evertec, we have Internet infrastructure experts who can help you, even more so when you include us from the design phase. You are welcome to contact us for consultation and we will be happy to advise you.

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