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with purpose

We believe in making the world a better place by taking concrete steps and implementing policies that improve the lives of everyone. 

our people

Committed to a world full of endless possibilities that future generations can enjoy.

our planet

Always striving to be responsible with our environment which will lead to a safer and cleaner world.

our principles

A diverse management team dedicated to creating products and services that people trust.
Morgan M. “Mac” Schuessler

Presidente y Principal
Oficial Ejecutivo

En Evertec, hemos demostrado que cuando aprovechamos nuestra tecnología para trabajar hacia un objetivo común, podemos hacer lo imposible, posible. Con más de tres décadas de experiencia, nuestro servicio centrado en las personas y nuestros resultados orientados a nuestro propósito nos han ayudado a abrir puertas a un sinfín de oportunidades para nuestros empleados, clientes, y comunidades que servimos. Juntos, esperamos seguir creciendo mientras cuidamos a nuestra gente y nuestro planeta siempre guiados por nuestros principios.

Morgan M. “Mac” Schuessler
President & Chief Executive Officer

At Evertec, we have proven that when we leverage our technology to work towards a common goal, we can make the impossible, possible. With over three decades of experience, our people-centered service and purpose-driven results have helped us open doors of endless opportunities for our employees, clients and the communities we serve. Together, we hope to continue to grow taking care of our people and our planet while always adhering to our principles.