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We address the different issues that can arise in your chain, allowing you to manage, oversee, and control all your stores from a single point of sale.

Customer service improvements
Stock management and control
Complete chain integration

Cash register integration

A central cash register system that facilitates the management of all your sales with different payment methods, both online and offline, and adapts to different systems without changing their configuration.

Transaction concentrator

A system that collects, controls, and stores large amounts of information from transactions conducted at multiple points of sale. Acting as a base system, its role is to ensure consistency and balance the data, providing greater visibility into the entire process.

Supply and stock control

This module connects to your central or ERP systems so you can manage your store’s stock. Manage the transfer and receipt of goods, keep a historical record of your inventory, automatically restock, maintain a centralized record, identify discrepancies, and adjust them quickly and easily.


With a focus on loyalty, this module is responsible for delivering all information regarding product and customer promotions, keeping your different points of sale in constant communication, including e-commerce. It also has discount code management and is compatible with external applications.


Eliminates manual processes on supply and demand management, and optimizes order delivery and dispatch processes, by concentrating in one system all the channels and origins that companies have in their value chain.

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