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+30 years

of experience
11 offices in

10 countries

Aprox 5,000


Evertec, Inc. is a leading electronic transactions and technology company with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The company operates in 26 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing services in three key areas: merchant acquiring, payment processing, and business solutions.

We own and operate the largest debit network in the Caribbean.

Benefits for your business

Evertec provides integrated solutions for businesses

We have the ability to group and provide a comprehensive set of services without needing to subcontract different providers from other companies. We provide customers with operations in different geographical areas with an integrated technology solution that allows them to manage their business as a single company.

We capture and analyze data across the entire transaction and payment processing value chain. We provide value-added services that differentiate us from other providers who only have the technology, products, and ability to supply a fraction of the payment processing chain.

We transform your world with the technology of the possible


transactions processed per year, approximately.


we have customers that we serve.

POS terminals

in all countries where we have presence.