Solutions that address all acquirer business needs, including setup, operation, management reports, and full administrative control of your merchants.

Certified with the main brands

24/7 activity monitoring

Real-time alerts

Automate and digitize financial management

Acquierer complete management

  • Debit, credit, and prepaid card processing.
  • Certified with the leading brands.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Financing plans.
  • Advance payments.
  • DCC and Tap to Phone.
  • Customized commercial terms and conditions.
  • Comprehensive merchant management.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Highly available.

Acquirer suite

  • Backoffice: web system for full management of acquirers, merchants, transactions, settlements, payments, processes, products, settings, and configuration.
  • Authorizer for transactions, channel management, and authorization rules
  • Merchant portal: web system tailored for each customer, where merchants can submit requests and check their sales, payments, and merchant information.
  • Secure TX: communications module used to reduce the scope of PCI standards. Responsible for tokenizing and detokenizing messages.

Application features

  • Acceptance of payment methods in card-present and card-not-present channels.
  • Integrations with major POS manufacturers: chip / contactless / PIN.
  • Clearing and settlement of local and international transactions.
  • QR Code Payments.
  • Configurable fee schedules.
  • Full control of merchants and terminals.
  • Routing of authorizations to the primary brands, local or “on-us” networks, and integrations with Payment Service Providers and capture peripherals.
  • Proprietary digital payment (eCommerce) solution: Placetopay.
  • Dispute processing (chargebacks).
  • Management of terminal (POS)(*) fleet, where applicable.
  • Web portal for merchants.
  • 3D Secure 2.0 protocol.

Risk management

Making the best choices for your business is possible with our monitoring tools.
  • Excellent parametric detection technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to help you make the right decisions.
  • 360° vision of any entity.
  • Dedicated call center.
  • Completely cloud-based application, allowing for low setup and processing costs.
  • Fast development and implementation.
  • Highly available segregated environments.
  • Business continuity.
  • PCI-compliant with range reduction and PA-DSS tokenizing middleware.

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