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Solutions that address all acquirer business needs, including setup, operation, management reports, and full administrative control of your merchants.

Automate and digitize financial management

Certified with the main brands

24/7 activity monitoring

Real-time alerts

State-of-the-art secure platform that provides flexibility and configurability to develop your business as an acquirer

Solutions designed for the acquisition of electronic means of payment using card operations in physical and electronic businesses (eCommerce), which consists of a set of comprehensive services for business affiliation and electronic payment management.

  • Backoffice management for merchants and commercial terms and conditions.
  • Physical and/or virtual merchants to accept a variety of payment methods.
  • Integrations with leading POS manufacturers: chip / contactless / PIN.
  • Clearing and settlement of local and international transactions.
  • Configurable fee schedules.

Transactional switch

  • Routing to the leading brands (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), local networks, or “on-us” transactions.
  • Direct connections to large billers.
  • Integrations with Payment Service Providers and capture peripherals.

Complementary tools

  • Transaction monitoring and analysis of suspicious pattern alerts.
  • Dispute processing (chargebacks).
  • Web portal for merchants.
  • 3D Secure protocol for merchants.

Management of POS terminals

The POS terminal management service involves direct communication between the POS and the authorizing switch. This service is used to perform the settlement and closing of terminals.

  • Balance inquiries and closings.
  • Redemption of points.
  • Multi-merchant.
  • Multicurrency.

Risk management

Making the best choices for your business is possible with our monitoring tools.
  • Excellent parametric detection technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to help you make the right decisions.
  • 360° vision of any entity.
  • Dedicated call center.
  • Completely cloud-based application, allowing for low setup and processing costs.
  • Fast development and implementation.
  • Highly available segregated environments.
  • Business continuity.
  • PCI-compliant with range reduction and PA-DSS tokenizing middleware.

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