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View and control your assets across multiple registers
Better security and control over payment processes
Centralize your assets
Better traceability


Cash register balancing allows our customers to have a precise record of the movement of the assets that circulate around their different points of sale; transactions, recalls and performance, deposits, and more.

Based on a detailed and centralized analysis of cash flows, it reports on potential differences, inconsistencies, or errors that may arise at the closing of each register on a daily basis, providing headquarters with an overview of each location’s status at the end of each day.

*Applies on site and online

Multi acquirer integration

Using this solution, we link your commercial points of sale to the various payment methods and information services, such as customer identification, loyalty, and traditional acquirers.

We create a machine-to-machine connection where we aggregate all the transactions coming from your various registers and send them through a central switch to the next host or acquirer to authorize payments, automating your entire process and ensuring an accurate daily balance, making it faster and more secure.

*Applies online

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