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our planet

We believe in sustainable practices that help create a better world for future generations. Learn how we do our part here.

Climate and energy

Improving our planet today for a more environmentally friendly tomorrow

Energy and emission reduction efforts help ensure our future.

We are constantly pursuing creative and innovative solutions to adhere to best practices and conserve energy at our data centers and workspaces.

Monitoring and measuring energy consumption

Our energy consumption efforts are focused on reducing and optimizing the use of energy in our facilities.

Current PUE: 2.27

(Power Usage Effectiveness)

Total Energy Consumed


2020*: 41,4205 GJ

2021**: 14,909 GJ

*The 2020 number includes both our Puerto Rico and Costa Rica sites. ** This data represents the estimated average from LUMA/PREPA bills provided. This data includes only Puerto Rico Site.


Our facilities use a combined heat and power system to provide full power consumption and cooling to our main corporate buildings.


We are actively monitoring the energy consumption of our operation to optimize as needed.

Implementing control schemes to reduce energy

Our aggressive pursuit of creative solutions to save energy has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption. This, with the help of our team members and employees, has opened the door to a new way of thinking at Evertec.

Replacing old inefficient hardware with newer, more efficient models

Switching bulbs to LED technology

Installing sensors for inactive areas

Increased cloud computing

Promoting the use of new open workplaces

remote work

Exploring the opportunity to shift to natural gas

To continue to reduce our carbon footprint, we are exploring opportunities to shift to more environmentally friendly power sources. This green mindset is increasingly making us a more sustainable, environmentally friendly workplace which helps to ensure our future, the future of our communities, and those around us.

Water conservation efforts help save the environment.

Water consumption

Each year, access to clean water becomes scarcer around the globe, to the extent that , according to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (“WHO”) in 2019, more than 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to basic sanitation. For this reason, we are looking into water conservation and promoting the preservation of our communities’ aquifers.

Our efforts to decrease our use of water have been successful:

Total water consumed: 2020

(in thousand cubic meters m³)

Total water consumed: 2021

(in thousand cubic meters m³)

These measurements reflect the water flows from our water supply provider at our headquarters in Puerto Rico.

Rainwater collection

Our corporate facility landlord is looking to implement a project that collects rainwater, to store it and use it in our cooling towers. When implemented, this initiative will significantly reduce consumption and the depletion of this scarce resource.

A climate change environmental team to keep the world green.

Keeping the world green is no easy task. It requires dedication, action and most importantly, teamwork. That is why our commitment to responsible operations and conscientious consumption led to the creation of an internal environmental group.

Our environmental commitment

Evertec is committed to conducting our business operations in a manner compatible and balanced with the communities we serve, to promote efforts that reduce our environmental footprint. Among the various initiatives we carry out to support our environmental commitment are the following:

  • Initiatives to reduce waste, prevent contamination and the correct disposal and recycling of the following items: cardboard, plastic, office paper, newspaper, aluminum, and employees’ electronic items
  • Ensure we have the latest technology to maximize the use of electricity in our work facilities and constantly analyze how to maximize the use and size of our data center

At Evertec we are committed to ensuring that our technology and the development of our products support the sustainable social and economic development of our communities to avoid negatively affecting future generations.

Escuadrón Naranja

Escuadrón Naranja is an internal employee group founded in 2009 that focuses its efforts on finding ways to actively address issues that affect climate change at our Evertec facilities. This group has led to the implementation of multiple measures that have benefited our company and, particularly, the environment we work in. Some of these initiatives are:

Switching our light technology to LED in external and internal areas

Using lithium/Aon backup batteries to reduce acid risk when recycled

Data Center
virtualization, reducing hardware disposal

Using compostable plates & straws in our corporate facility cafeteria

Eliminating the use of plastic straws

Ensuring our on-site environmental practices are aligned with our commitments

Implementing our environmental program called Revolución Naranja to reinfoce our environmental commitment

Running strategic and educational activities to promote environmental awareness, sustainability, and waste reduction among our employees

Our Escuadrón Naranja in efforts that help protect our environment.

Responsible waste management ensures a clean and healthy planet.

Responsible management of excess waste has become a priority for the planet as each year more and more tons of waste are carried into landfills or dumped in our fragile oceans. For this reason, our waste management initiatives ensure our ecosystem is not adversely affected by the waste generated.


Our recycling efforts grew substantially in 2021, leading to a significant increase in recycled materials.

Plastics & Aluminum

+ 34%

Paper, Newspapers & Magazines

+ 0.24%


+ 213%



We hope we can continue this trend into the future.

Reduction efforts

We are committed to keeping our local soil free from any harm that may come from pollution derived from toxic elements such as excess oil, among others. That is why we have implemented a series of reduction efforts to prevent the seepage of oil into our land.

We recycle all oil-based products in our corporate facility cafeteria and power generators.

Our recycled oils are used by our vendor to re-generate into other oils used for retail sales.

Our recycled oil is also converted into other oil byproducts such as grease/mechanical lubricants.

Each one of these initiatives has allowed our operation to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly to better protect our communities, reduce our carbon footprint and, hopefully, inspire others to do the same.