Solutions to facilitate store administration, vendor management, and in-store payment in your business

We offer the right solutions to ensure your payments are streamlined and secured. Intended for large and medium retailers.

It allows you to receive payments from ATH Móvil users using a QR code or the unique name of your business, known as pATH.

We have the next generation of POS terminals and we have the web application that processes online payments on any browser.

Accept payments with our smart terminals and simplify your business operations.

A platform that provides payment links, microsites, and a proprietary web checkout solution.

Makes it easy for merchants to integrate and process transactions from their cash register systems.

We centralize all the transaction records in your cash registers and facilitate the management of your payment operation.

We create synergies between customers, providers, and business-to-business product sales, all in an integrated ecosystem. Intended for large and medium-sized retailers, as well as companies with a large number of suppliers.

We converge and streamline your operational processes on a single platform.

We bring the B2C consumer experience to the complexity of the B2B buyer.

Facilitates the two-way electronic exchange of information between suppliers and their customers’ B2B portals.

Protect and monitor your retail transactions, customers, suppliers, and channels with a 360° perspective.

We integrate every part of your value chain. Intended primarily for large and medium-sized retailers, as well as companies that need to manage multiple channels and points of sale.

We address the different issues that can arise in your chain, allowing you to manage, oversee, and control all your stores from a single point of sale.

We provide the components and modules you need to connect with your customers, offer promotions, and develop a complete loyalty program.

Makes it easy for merchants to integrate and process transactions from their cash register systems.

Connect your collection points to your financial-accounting system (ERP), gaining more control over the cash flow, ensuring data reliability.


Manage your entire business operation with ease and efficiency with our state-of-the-art and intuitive cloud system, with easy access to centralized and secure business data.

We provide IT managed services and infrastructure to guarantee the security of your operation

We provide the best cloud solutions to meet your technology needs at every point in your operation.

Protect your company’s critical systems and confidential information with the most advanced cybersecurity technology and expertise available.

Regardless of the size of your business, it is important that you have the right tools to manage it efficiently and help you make the best decisions.

We manage your company’s technology and connectivity at all the different points of your operation.