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Saves time and provides peace of mind in handling the administration and distribution of payments issued by governmental entities.

Automates benefit distribution, utilization, and reconciliation
24/7/365 service for participants
All services in one platform

Different benefit distribution methods on a single platform

  • Redundant system in Puerto Rico and the United States.
  • Dedicated personnel in Puerto Rico.
  • Emergency plans with the Federal Government and the Government of Puerto Rico.
  • Distribution of federal, state, and private funds.
  • 23 years of experience in EBT.
  • End-to-end technology.

Platform services

  • Automatic Response Unit (ARU) system.
  • Service Center: participants, merchants, and entities.
  • Web portals: participants and merchants.
  • Mobile app: Contigo EBT.
  • Administrative terminal.
  • Production of card and personal. identification number (PIN).
  • Third-party processor (TPP). management.
  • Financial reports: Mobius.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Data Warehouse and fraud detection system.

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