With our payment gateway we process online transactions and enable channels so you can sell quickly and safely. Activate any means of payment, even for unbanked people.

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Platform features

Payments: We provide agile and secure payment solutions for all types of industry, in multiple channels, even without having a website.

Additional functionalities: With payment solutions you have extra functionalities that you can access at no additional cost.

Security: We reduce the risk of fraud, impersonation and money laundering through virtual biometric authentication services, risk engines, KYC (Know your costumer) customer knowledge and transactional monitoring.

Data analysis: We help you understand the dynamics of your business, through data analysis, in order to facilitate strategic decision-making in a quick and informed way.


Integrate your website easily to receive online payments, recover abandoned shopping carts with our IVR, make it easy for your customers to pay one-click through social networks with our payment link and enable QR code for your users to pay in physical positions no contact.

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Sell and collect online, even without a website. You can personalize it with your brand and decide if your client enters the payment data or you default the information.

Ideal for businesses that want fast implementation and do not have a payment solution on their website or do not have a website.

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payment link

Generate links in a simple way to send your clients to any device. Facilitate the payment method to your clients from WhatsApp, email or through social networks.

Ideal for businesses that do not have a website or are in a growth stage.

mix payments

Your users will be able to pay the total of their account with two or more means of payment that you have made available in the same session.

Ideal for businesses with high tickets and that want to make it easy for their customers to pay with more than one means of payment.

recurring payments

Recurring billing program: automatic debit of monthly payments or subscriptions.
At PlacetoPay we take care of scheduling the payment each time you require it (monthly, biweekly or daily) and until the date you stipulate.

Ideal for businesses that sell products or services by subscription, membership, or installment payments.


Sell over the phone, ensuring that your customers' data is secured to the highest standards. We put at your disposal a platform in which the agent can monitor the status or step of the payment when the call is transferred to the IVR.

Ideal for businesses with telephone sales and shopping cart recovery.

additional functionalities

Con las soluciones de pago tienes funcionalidades extra a las que podrás acceder sin costo adicional, con las cuales optimizarás los servicios que te ofrece nuestra pasarela.

funcionalidades adicionales

con las soluciones de pago, tienes funcionalidades extra a las que podrás acceder sin costo adicional

event interface

You will be able to differentiate rates for prompt payment, group payments, discounts, or different locations. Also special discounts for alliances with brands, banks among others.

Ideal for academic events, shows, marathons, among others.


We help you identify the payments made to your bank account and so you can have the report of your monthly sales.

It applies to all types of business and makes it easier to determine the items discounted for taxes and commissions, by combining the information from the bank's acquisition file with the information from the payment gateway.

dispersion (Split)

You can divide the payments of your users so that they arrive at different bank accounts.

Ideal for businesses that need to automate transactions between different bank accounts and reduce the tax associated with collection.

virtual wallet

Your users can save their data in the Placetopay virtual wallet to speed up their purchase process.

Ideal for users to speed up and improve their shopping experience on Placetopay.


Vende y recauda tranquilo. Placetopay tiene integrados avanzados sistemas de seguridad para tus transacciones estén siempre protegidas.

3DSecure protocol

With the 3DS international authentication protocol, we allow the exchange of information between the merchant, the card issuer and in some cases the user, in order to validate that the transaction is being carried out by the cardholder.

Under this operation scheme, if a transaction is authenticated it cannot generate chargebacks, eliminating the responsibility of the merchant in case of fraud.

We are certified by EMVCo in the 3DS 2.0 Issuer and Acquirer protocols.


Give your customers the ability to encrypt and save their credit cards so that they pay with greater agility.

Ideal for businesses that want to store the token and that seek to improve the purchasing process of recurring users since they will not have to register their card details each time they make a purchase.

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We reduce the possibility of chargebacks through a modular fraud control system, maintaining an adequate balance between the approval and operating costs.

Customizable modules according to the reality of your business, with the possibility of activating only the ones you need:

Historical analysis, validation with financial partners, validation in risk engines, behavior network, security filters and / or manual review.

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We help you reduce the risk of user impersonation and money laundering, quickly and reliably, through a modular online authentication system.

Ideal for businesses that want to store the We control the risk from the user's connection, choosing the modules that best suit your business.

3DS Placetopay

Con el protocolo de autenticación internacional 3DS, permitimos el intercambio de información entre el comercio, el emisor de tarjeta y en algunos casos el usuario, con el fin de validar que la transacción está siendo realizada por el titular de la tarjeta.

Bajo este esquema de operación, si una transacción es autenticada no puede generar contracargos, eliminando la responsabilidad del comercio en caso de fraude.

Contamos con certificación por parte de EMVCo en los protocolos de 3DS 2.0 Emisor y Adquirente.


Reducimos la posibilidad de contracargos a través de un sistema modular de control de fraude, manteniendo un adecuado balance entre la tasa de aprobación y los costos de operación.

Módulos personalizables de acuerdo a la realidad de tu negocio, con posibilidad de activar sólo los que necesites:

  • Análisis histórico: A través del histórico de usuarios de Placetopay, generamos un Score de riesgo que nos permite identificar cuáles de ellos son confiables y cuales requieren un análisis más profundo. Todo esto en menos de 200 milisegundos.

  • validación con aliados financieros: Confrontamos la información de los usuarios con la almacenada en diferentes fuentes de información, permitiendo validar así, si la tarjeta y los datos si corresponden con los del titular.
  • validación en motores de riesgo: Validamos la información de la transacción por medio de motores de riesgo internacionales, analizando más de 100 variables asociadas al medio de pago, el usuario, la compra y el dispositivo desde donde realizan el pago, entre otras.
  • red de comportamiento: Realizamos análisis de correlación con transacciones declinadas por riesgo, creando una red que permite identificar ataques masivos bloqueándolos antes de enviar la transacción al procesador.
  • filtros de seguridad: Restringimos el tipo de transacciones que no deseas procesar, bien sea por restricciones legales, administrativas o por riesgo.
  • revisión manual: Con este módulo, suspendemos las transacciones que generan alerta para que uno nuestros expertos en seguridad transaccional analice el riesgo de la transacción y decida si se procesa.  

Onboarding digital

Te ayudamos a reducir el riesgo de suplantación de usuarios y lavado de activos, de manera rápida y confiable, a través de un sistema de autenticación modular en línea.

Controlamos el riesgo desde la vinculación del usuario, eligiendo los módulos que mejor se adapten a tu negocio:

Listas restrictivas y/o validación de documento de identidad: Realizamos validación en listas restrictivas o vinculantes si estás obligado a cumplir con regulación LAFT

Validación de datos privados con doble factor de autenticación (2FA): Validamos en base de datos propias y de terceros, la autenticidad de la información y lo confirmamos con (2FA) a través de correo electrónico o mensaje de texto

Autenticación biométrica facial: mediante registro fotográfico tanto del documento como del rostro de la persona, validamos en línea la autenticidad del documento y la coincidencia entre éstos

Autenticación permanente (enrolamiento): Realizamos autenticaciones biométricas ilimitadas durante un año

Autenticación con expertos: En caso de alerta por suplantación, nuestro equipo de expertos en documentología te apoyará con la autenticación del documento y la gestión de la alerta

data analysis

Convert data into strategies.

Predictive is a solution that will allow you not only to know the information and the status of your business at all times and from different perspectives, it will also be your ally in the decision-making process, support for commercial and marketing management, by using the information as a competitive advantage for you.

Integrate all the strategic information of your business in a single platform. Turn data into actionable insights to make better decisions. Discover valuable information to add value to your business.

Interact with your data in an agile and dynamic way, generating your own reports instantly.
Understand the needs of the market by analyzing their buying habits, trends and patterns.

It applies to all types of business and facilitates assertive strategic decision making.

Interactúa con tus datos de manera ágil y dinámica, generando tus propios reportes al instante.
Comprende las necesidades del mercado al analizar sus hábitos, tendencias y patrones de compra.

Aplica para todo tipo de negocio y facilita la toma de decisiones estratégicas de manera asertiva.

advantages of using Predictive

Cost savings: Infrastructure and administration are our responsibility

Flexibility: The tool can be adjusted to the specific needs of your business.

Personalization: Modules can be taken separately. You can customize your dashboard according to your need.

Availability: you can check the information 24/7 and from any device.

Centralized information: You can give access to different areas to analyze the information and generate your strategies.

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