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Enables channels for online sales and collections from any device, through any channel, and with any payment method.

Our digital payment solution is more than just a payment button. It is the most complete solution for digital transactions.

You can receive online payments made from any device with ATH cards or any other payment method

We can integrate with any ERP or information system

We improve the user experience in digital payment processes

Accepts QR Code payments

Our ISO/IEC 29110 Certification guarantees you quality software.

Solution features

We bring quick and secure payment solutions for every type of industry, through multiple channels, even without a website. Payment products include extra features you can access at no additional cost.

Sell and collect online, even without a website. You may customize the microsite with your brand and decide whether to have your customers fill out the payment information or to set up default values.

Ideal for businesses that want fast implementation but do not have a website or a payment solution on their website.

Web checkout
Integrates your website in a simple way to receive online payments, recover abandoned shopping carts with our IVR, make it easy for your customers to make one-click payments through social networks with our payment link, and enable a QR code for your users to pay in contactless payment stations.

Payment link
Make it easy for your customers to pay via WhatsApp, email, or social networks.

Ideal for businesses that do not have a webpage or are still growing.

QR code
Add contactless payment, offering your customers the possibility of paying through a QR code. Make merchant payments faster and easier with a safe and proven system that provides transparency and reliability to your customers.

Additional features

Get access to additional features at no extra cost, which you can use to optimize the services offered by our digital payment solution.

Gives your customers the ability to encrypt and store their credit cards for faster payment.

Ideal for businesses that want to store tokens and improve recurring user purchase processes, since they will not need to enter their card data every time they shop.

Mixed payments
Your users will be able to pay their full account balance using two or more payment methods made available for the same session.

Ideal for businesses with large sales and who want to make it easy for their customers to use more than one payment method.

Recurrent payments
Schedule recurring payments: automatic debit for monthly installments or subscriptions.

On Placetopay, we take care of scheduling payments as requested by you (monthly, biweekly, or daily), until the date you establish.

Ideal for businesses that sell products or services on a subscription, membership, or installment basis.

Virtual wallet
Your users can save their data in the Placetopay virtual wallet to streamline their purchase process and improve their experience.

Sell and collect at ease. Placetopay includes advanced security systems so that your transactions are always protected.

3D Secure protocol
The 3DS international authentication protocol allows for data exchange between the business, the card issuer, and in some cases, the user, in order to verify that the transaction is being conducted by the cardholder.

Under this operating model, if a transaction is authenticated, it cannot generate chargebacks, thus eliminating the merchant’s liability in case of fraud.

We are certified by EMVCo in 3DS 2.0 protocols.

Information security
We make sure your customers’ sensitive information is always safe. That’s why we re-certify with the PCI – DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) every year.

We use the highest international security standards to protect the information of all users who pay through our platform.

We reduce the possibility of chargebacks through a modular fraud control system, keeping an adequate balance between approval rates and operating costs.

Customizable modules in accordance with the reality of your business, with the possibility of activating only those that you need:

Historical analysis, validation with financial partners, validation in risk engines, behavioral network, security filters, and/or manual review.

Tell us what you need
With our technology, we will build the solution to make your business idea a reality together.