With our issuer processing service, you manage the end-to-end processing of your payment products.
Authentication and transaction routing
Issuance of franchised cards, private brands and networks (Visa, Mastercard, ATH®, among others)
Reports and files

platform features

Service to more than 100 issuers in 15 countries




Chip, contactless and magnetic stripe card issuance

Complete real-time product management

Account administration

Embossing file and PIN generation

Interfaces with external systems

Online and offline authorization

Settlement of transactions

Balance sheet synchronization

Issuance of file for credit agencies

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added-value services

Efficiency and flexibility in managing your credit and debit card portfolio, leveraging industry trends : services to integrate payment mechanisms, support for business processes and a specialized service center.

Online fraud and risk management module

SMS, email and push notifications

Customer origination, activation and retention

Loyalty program administration

Generation of account statements

Call center service (24/7)

Chargeback handling

Consulting service

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