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Connect your collection points to your financial-accounting system (ERP) and gain more control over the cash flow, ensure data reliability, and save on end-of-day cash register asset monitoring.

A unique version of your data to ensure integration with your central system or ERP
Streamlines the accounting process
Reduces shrinkage, theft, and losses
Controls cash flow

Transaction concentrator

A system that collects, controls, and stores large amounts of information from transactions conducted at multiple points of sale. Acting as a base system, its role is to ensure consistency and balance the data, providing greater visibility into the entire process.

Accounting and collection

System that takes the information collected by the transaction concentrator and reconciles it with the physical cash reports made by each cashier, making assets visible at the end of each day.

Statement and settlement

Web application that provides a transparent view of all electronic payment transactions made at the different points of sale. It also reconciles the charges authorized by shoppers to facilitate their settlement.

Accounting interfaces

At this stage, we integrate the data from the previous two modules with your company’s central or ERP systems and automate the accounting of the money collected.

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