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We provide the components and modules you need to connect with your customers, offer promotions, and develop a complete loyalty program.

Centralized promotions
Discount codes and coupons
Point calculation and processing
Cashback redemption

Centralized promotions

A system that allows you to create and manage configurable promotions that are applied based on your merchant, customer, or product needs.

Code management

Allows you to create and manage discount codes or coupons for products and applicable businesses, both in terms of usage and limits. Discounts can be applied to a purchase and can have defined usage limits on both individual and general terms.

Usage rules creation

This module allows you to define the rules for points or cashback accrual, usage and related business rules, transactions are concentrated and the points to be generated are calculated.

Points and cashback redemption

This module provides services that allow checking points or cashback balances, requesting and confirming their use (requires connection to POS or other external applications).

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