3 ways to drive eCommerce growth and expansion

Electronic commerce (known as eCommerce) has become an important sales channel for merchants because of its great advantages for the online purchase and sale, distribution, and visibility of goods and products.

3 Reports to Monitor for Your Business

As a business owner, you need access to the right information to make informed decisions that lead to your success. Understanding key metrics and statistics

A social commitment to education

Last December, we had the opportunity to be among the sponsors for the event Cocina Sabores de Navidad (“Cooking Christmas Flavors”) held by the Puerto Rico Restaurant Association (ASORE, by its Spanish acronym).

4 business benefits of good inventory management

Inventory management can feel like a herculean task for a small business, especially if there are not enough personnel for the job. However, this administrative process can be a catalyst for your company’s success.

Seeking for the best user experience in a digital world

It’s not about the technology; rather, it’s about having a customer-focused culture.

“The customer is always right.” This well-known saying regarding the relationship between businesses and users may spark debate, but what is undeniable is the importance of the interaction between online customers and the digital payment methods that aim to provide a smooth online shopping experience. It is important to listen to customers to understand not only what they want, but also what they need. Therefore, lets discuss what is “user experience” (UX) and how it differs from “user interface” (UI).

Tokenization: The road to digitizing payment methods

Beyond being a luxury, technology represents a need in human life and is embedded in every context of its day to day. The payment ecosystem is no exception. It has evolved hand in hand with technology and innovation to offer safer and more streamlined payment methods.