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Our wide range of services will help you run your ATM operations more easily

Interconnection with the main brands

Integration with a single platform

PCI certification

What is driving

ATM driving (management) involves the connection, enabling, and interaction of ATMs with our transaction switch, which acts as a front-end to link the solution to a variety of ATM types and models from different global brands.

How does it work

  • Interconexión de los cajeros automáticos del cliente a nuestra plataforma y al autorizador bancario.

Complementary modules

  • Monitoring web module.

Solution features

Wide variety of ATM brands and models supported, administration and management of cryptographic keys, graphical load management, TLS protocol, messaging and functional specifications. PCI Certification.

Supported ATM brands

  • Diebold
  • NCR
  • Wincor
  • Hysoung
  • GRG
  • Emulating NDC, DDC, Vista
Messaging and graphics workload
  • NDC Messaging.
  • Messaging DCC/912.
  • Coupling, based on the required ATM model analysis.
Communication or connectivity
  • Dedicated channel, TLS protocol.
  • Private LAN.
  • VPN over Internet.
Connect the main franchises and private networks
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Local networks.
Encryption key management and administration
  • Automatic – remote
  • Manual

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