A well prepared and continually reviewed business continuity recovery plan lays the foundation for the execution and synchronization of all recovery assets.


La infraestructura de Evertec está bien preparada para soportar desastres naturales y causados ​​por el hombre


La clave para cualquier plan de continuidad del negocio es el compromiso y la capacidad de recuperación de los empleados


Es importante tener redundancias bien equipadas en caso de fallas en las instalaciones primarias


Evertec’s infrastructure is well prepared to withstand natural and man-made disasters.

N + 2 Power Backup

5+ days on-site diesel reserve

Two parallel battery stations for data center

More than 100,000 gallons of water + two water wells

State-of-the-art smoke and heat detectors in data centers

24x7 security

Bunker as facilities


The key to any business continuity plan is employee commitment and resilience.


It is important to have well-equipped redundancies in case of failure of the primary installations.

Evertec has secure alternate locations and recovery sites, both in PR and in the US

redundant communications:

PRTC FO ring with redundant connections

The centenary circuit

Access to the PREPANET FO network

Multiple long distance carriers

Private microwaves with OC3 bandwidth capacity as backbone

Provides alternative office facilities for our clients, ranging from office space to call center operations

Our telecommunications division can create alternative communication channels in emergency situations. In addition, we can also implement satellite dishes and other telecommunications options at our clients' locations.

Provides data backup services, critical to our clients' business continuity plans

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