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Service that digitizes an issuer's or acquirer's payment instruments, enabling customers to pay bills or make online purchases electronically using checking or savings accounts, credit or prepaid cards, or payment vouchers.

Grow your business with access to a diverse and secure payment network

Offers alternative and traditional payment methods


Simplified installation, traditional payment method on web portals. Users can pay bills or make online purchases using the issuer’s designated payment methods (checking accounts, lines of credit, demand deposit accounts). Sales transactions operate in a way that ensures the completion of the online purchase without the need to wait for accountability. These transactions are optional and are enabled on a per agreement basis.

One-step mobile payment

Allows bill payments and purchases to be made from an application especially designed for smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of the device user experience. Creating a payment token safely associates a smartphone with a checking or credit account to make payments. Receive PUSH notifications for bills that can be paid immediately with an associated payment method.

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