We know that the stages in the receivables management process are tied to human factors but all of that is about to change.

Take advantage of the benefits of working with a system that is both proven and efficient.

Streamline and simplify the integration and collections processes.
Complete digitalization
Management reports

receivable management for corporations

This solution allows you to connect all the actors involved in receivable management, looking for ways to optimize the process. Connects all parties to a central hub allowing you to administer and integrate multiple collector agents for the presentment and payment of invoices generated for services rendered.   

Reduces administrative costs associated with the process of sending portfolios, payment receipts and account balancing.

Facilitates and simplifies the incorporation of new collectors into the collectors’ network.

Offers relevant information for the management of receivables process by leveraging aggregated reports from multiple channels, dates and amounts, among others.

Allows the timely management of replacement services which ensures the accurate identification of payments received, thanks to the presentment of the referenced debt in each channel and the reconciliation with collectors of the payments received.

complimentary modules

Payment Portal

Payment Dashboard

Biller Portal

Recurring Payment Module

Collections push

receivable management for collectors

Improves and expands the receivables management offering for collection institutions by integrating the billing information of a business network thru a centralized access point with standard industry protocols.

Facilitates the administration of the business due to its capacity of configurating receivable rules and specific agreement parameters.

Ensure the accuracy of amount and transactions received by leveraging a detailed automatic reconciliation process.

Added value service by personalizing the debt and payment presentment and references.

complimentary modules

Programmed bill payment

Multipayment business Portal

Virtual branch

Biller Portal

Mobile payments

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