We offer benefits both to individuals who use ATH® debit cards, as well as to financial institutions connected to the network that issue these cards.

contamos con una de las principales redes de cajeros automáticos y de tarjetas de débito (PIN) en América Latina. Ofrecemos servicios en Puerto Rico y República Dominicana

Puedes viajar con tranquilidad en América Latina sabiendo que cuentas con el respaldo de una red internacional.

ATH network

Enables the relationship between merchants and card issuers, facilitating local processing and settlement of transactions securely and efficiently

By offering technology, communication channels, security measures, fund settlement processes, and rules and procedures we enable consumers, merchants, processors, ATM networks and card issuers to seamlessly conduct business transactions through from different channels

For more than 35 years, the ATH® Network has developed a wide range of innovative products and services for its participants, in order to offer consumers safe and convenient alternatives to access their money instantly

We have one of the main ATM and debit card (PIN) networks in Latin America

We offer services in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

For more information visit: www.ath.com.

ATH mobile

ATH mobile is an application that runs on the ATH® Network that allows you to

Instantly transfer money to 1.5 million people using just their phone number

Transfer money between registered cards, even if they are from different financial institutions

Make payments anytime, from anywhere, in real time and securely through a pATH or unique business name or QR code

Donate to non-profit organizations

Get account balances

To use the ATH mobile service you must:

Be a customer of a bank or credit unions affiliated with the ATH® Network and that offers the mobile ATH service

Have an ATH debit card

Have an email and phone number

For more information visit: www.athmovil.com.

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