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Goodbye to traditional purchase orders: the transformation to B2B Suppliers

In the business world, constant evolution is essential to stay ahead of the curve and optimize operational efficiency. One of the most significant changes in this regard is the gradual transition from conventional order forms, based on phone calls, emails or printed documents, to digital or automated portals.

Through platforms, such as B2B Suppliers, distributors are provided with accurate and timely information that enables the implementation of new and better business practices between the parties, such as: suggested orders, sales against supplier stock, product creation and enrichment, etc. These platforms allow companies to manage their transactions electronically, optimizing processes and improving accuracy. The automation of order generation significantly reduces the risk of human error and streamlines workflow.

Exploring B2B Supplier modules:
adaptability to your business needs

Logistics module

The logistics module offers suppliers the ability to review and manage purchase orders generated by retailers. Through this tool, suppliers can coordinate the delivery of their products in various modalities, such as stock, crossdocking, or green sales, among other available options. They also have the possibility of configuring green sales flows, providing updated information on available stock, coverage, and lead times.

On the other hand, distribution centers also benefit from this module, as it allows them to manage their agenda and review product receipts. This functionality facilitates the coordination and tracking of goods reception operations, which contributes to greater efficiency in logistics management.

In summary, this module provides suppliers and retailers with a comprehensive platform to manage the product delivery process, from the generation of purchase orders to the receipt of goods, enabling more effective management of the supply chain.

Commercial module

The commercial module provides suppliers with a detailed view of their product sales, as well as the inventory available at the various locations. This valuable set of information enables them to accurately assess the performance and success of their products in the market, allowing them to make decisions and adjust their production and distribution strategy.

In addition to performance indicators, the commercial module also provides other important resources. Suppliers can access up-to-date news and content uploaded by the retailer itself to stay informed. In addition, we offer optional modules, such as perishables purchasing and space leasing, which provide additional opportunities to maximize the profitability and reach of your products.

Financial module

In this module, suppliers can access key details such as their current account, the status of available payments and the ability to handle supplier cases, which can be opened directly from the portal. In addition, the financial module offers invoice reconciliation functionality, which facilitates the tracking and verification of transactions.

In addition to these key elements, the financial module also includes additional functionalities, such as the rebate (promotions) and prompt payment modules. The rebate module allows suppliers to have greater control over agreed discounts or rebates based on purchase volume or other predefined criteria.

Evertec's B2B Suppliers Platform, with more than 20 years of trajectory, aims to facilitate collaborative work and strengthen the relationship of a retailer and with all its business partners (suppliers), to align business objectives, share responsibility for product management and streamline operational processes marking a new era in order management."

Key advantages of
B2B Suppliers

Improved Efficiency: Automation enables instant generation of purchase orders, speeding the entire process from requisition to delivery.

Reduced errors: Elimination of manual entry drastically reduces processing errors, improving accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Real-time access: Both buyers and suppliers can access the status of their orders in real time, improving transparency and decision making.

How we protect
your information

Our B2B Suppliers platform is committed to security by strictly following Evertec guidelines. This ensures the protection of information and operational flows, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets and technology resources.


The transition to B2B Suppliers involves both cultural and technological adaptation. Staff training and systems integration are crucial steps for a successful implementation. Those companies that embrace this change not only improve their operational efficiency, but also strategically position themselves to compete in an increasingly digitized and competitive business environment.

Evertec’s B2B platform is currently used by major retailers in Latin America in different business areas (supermarkets, home improvement, pharmacies, department stores and convenience stores). More than 10,000 suppliers enter the different environments available (links, portals, and platforms) to work collaboratively with their customers.

B2B Suppliers represents both a technological advance and a change in the business mentality, leading the way towards efficiency, precision, and sustainability in B2B commerce.

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