New issuers and market challenges

Although the pandemic has entailed various complications around the world, in the field of payment methods, it has led to accelerated progress in digitization processes

Notice to increase your protection

Each bank’s fraud department has protocols in place that are immediately activated when fraud is being detected. Knowing these controls can help you protect your

The ABCs of secure online shopping

To talk about security standards for electronic commerce transactions, it is necessary to understand the EMV 3D Secure (Three-Domain Secure) protocol. This protocol has come to play an important role in the e-commerce payments ecosystem, especially in recent years, when the pervasiveness of digital payments has not only grown exponentially but is expected to grow by more than 20% in the very near future.

Tips to prevent fraud

To avoid falling victim to fraudulent card-absent transactions, watch out for these signs: Customer orders larger than normal. Include large quantities of the same items