Smart Fit, Improving the recurring payment processes

Smart Fit is the largest sports academy network outside the United States, and a leader in this segment in Latin America. Founded in Sao Paulo in 2009, they started operations in Colombia in 2015. Is the low-cost, high-value chain from Smart Fit Group, which also includes Bio Ritmo gyms network.


Smart Fit had really interesting challenges in 2015 because they were opening new branches needed to offer secure, effective and easy ways and channels to interact with their users and receive payments.

The solution

With Placetopay, Evertec’s online digital payment platform, SmartFit found the perfect solution to address their needs. Through their WebCheckout functionality, all user payments, either with credit cards or PSE (“Pagos seguros en línea” in Spanish, online secure payments), could be processed, improving the recurring payment processes as well boosting their operational efficiency. The response was excellent, and the payment processing volume has grown steadily, reaching monthly peaks of more than 140,000 transactions. This milestone was the result of the joint work between both companies, transforming an infrastructure or platform challenge into an opportunity to improve the user experience through a simple, friendly and very secure transactional process experience. Since then, the relationship of trust and collaboration between both companies has generated more business opportunities and allowed us to constantly work together on new projects.


Smart Fit managed to quickly and effectively integrate the digital payment solution, achieving the desired result. In Placetopay, they found the PCI standard security guarantee they were looking to ensure their solution offered a high level of security and the payment processed was actively monitored to safeguard their user’s information.

The success of the Smart Fit implementation with the Placetopay platform was a direct result of the constant communication with Evertec where we understood and addressed the needs, keeping conversation channels open for both parties, to ensure that everything went efficiently and effectively.

According to Smart Fit´s experience, one of the main reasons for choosing Evertec is that the company focuses on the user’s transaction experience making it efficient, secure and easy to perform, therefore, offering the business the peace of mind needed to focus on its expansion and growth always offering their consumers the best user experience.

There are many gateways in the digital space, however, it would be great if you gave your company the opportunity to learn about Evertec's Placetopay solution. When we, at Smart Fit, started working with Evertec, we did some very interesting work and, I am sure that they will also be able to adapt to address the needs that you might have in your organization.

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