The Opening of Multi-Acquisition in Uruguay is Nearing Completion

La apertura a la multiadquirencia en Uruguay está próxima a concretarse

Multi-acquisition in Uruguay is about to see the light of day, and OCA is positioned as one of the main players in this process, thanks to the initiative and commitment of this financial institution for almost two years. For its part, Evertec has played an important role in this project by providing OCA with all its regional expertise and acquiring processing solutions to help it become the first multi-acquiring institution in the country and move forward in the process of financial inclusion and digital transformation.

With a significant offering in digital payment solutions for businesses, Evertec has been selected by OCA as its technology partner to provide an acquiring system that meets all the capabilities and requirements to work with every brand. OCA currently has the capacity to process Mastercard cards and is gearing up to add VISA soon.

“We are certainly proud to join OCA in this important project because it is not only about providing technology, but also leading the market and the country in the process of opening up acquiring in a way that has never been done before. As a supplier with local capabilities, we are confident that we are well positioned to actively participate in the market’s future growth and to be the strategic ally to OCA as the leading player in this process,” said Daniel Brignardello, Evertec’s Chief Delivery Officer.

“We feel it is very important to work closely with a supplier that is renowned for its business knowledge and that gives us the confidence and flexibility to interact with our systems, adapt our payment processes and business needs, as well as to keep growing in the future”, said Carlos Clavera, OCA’s commercial manager.

Multi-acquisition will provide Uruguay merchants with greater options and beneficial commercial conditions that they can then pass on to the end users, thus improving the sector’s competitiveness in the country.

The relationship maintained over the years with OCA in Uruguay represents Evertec’s consolidation as one of the main payment solution providers in the country, while also positioning it as a relevant player in Latin America and the Caribbean, strengthening and consolidating its expansion strategy in the region.

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