Take advantage of the Evertec and Gustitos Go alliance

Take advantage of the benefits of Gustitos®Go, the new loyalty program for ATH® users and businesses that process in Puerto Rico with Evertec, brings to your business. 

Consumers who sign up for the program can accumulate Gustazos.com points (G-Credits ™) for purchases made at participating merchants. You will be able to increase your sales while ATH cardholders receive a new benefit by obtaining credits for purchasing the items.

Among the benefits that GustitoGo offers to companies that carry out their transactions with Evertec and that are registered in getgustitosgo.com, the following stand out:

Merchants will have

greater commercial visibility, as they will be included in the marketing promotions.


will be encouraged to visit these businesses.

Merchants will be

able to increase their sales and reward the loyalty of their customers.

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