Convergence: The key to the new normal in the world of payments

Convergencia: la clave de la nueva normalidad en el mundo de los pagos

Talking about the changes brought about by 2020 is now a thing of the past. Since 2021, and going forward, we need to understand, acknowledge, and join into the changes that have already been established and come to improve our lives as consumers, through technological adaptations and creations that offer us security, speed, and hygiene. […]

Evertec states its position on gender-based violence

On January 25, 2021, Executive Order 2021-013 decreed “a state of emergency in Puerto Rico” due to the increase in cases of gender violence in the country.  Since then, the Committee for Prevention, Support, Rescue, and Education (PARE, by its Spanish acronym) —chaired by Dr. Carmen Ana González Magaz, Secretary of the Department of Family […]

The Opening of Multi-Acquisition in Uruguay is Nearing Completion

La apertura a la multiadquirencia en Uruguay está próxima a concretarse

Multi-acquisition in Uruguay is about to see the light of day, and OCA is positioned as one of the main players in this process, thanks to the initiative and commitment of this financial institution for almost two years. For its part, Evertec has played an important role in this project by providing OCA with all […]