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Skimming, protect your business against this malicious technique

Skimming, protege tu negocio contra esta técnica maliciosa

At Evertec we continue focused on helping you protect your business and your customers against payment card fraud schemes. Schemes such as skimming, which has recently affected several businesses in Puerto Rico. Skimming is a payment card fraud scheme where the payment bank information is stolen. This can occur directly from the magnetic stripe of the consumer’s payment card or through devices and/or masks that are placed on top of payment terminals in stores. Through these devices, fraudsters manage to capture card data and steal information from bank accounts, causing losses to users and the banking industry.

In 2019 we faced this situation and together we worked against this type of fraud. As a merchant, you play a major role in the payment chain of our country’s economy and for this reason, we urge you to follow again the advice we offer to help you prevent skimming in your commercial establishment.


Ask your employees to be aware of any suspicious activity on the terminals and create a rapid response plan to report any situation that arises.

Inform your employees who are the authorized authorized service providers to access the points of sale.

Educate your employees to always remain attentive during the sales process. According to P.R. police reports, several of the reported cases occurred when the cashier was distracted.

If you find that you have a compromised POS with any device, stay calm and report it to the local authorities and your service provider, immediately.

Evertec® and the ATH® Network, helping you to make your establishment’s payments more secure.

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