Why is it important to have an online store for my business? 

A few years ago, having a brick-and-mortar store was enough to have a successful business. With today’s technology advancements and customers’ adoption of virtual platforms and entrepreneurial ecosystems, having an online store has become a necessity.

Here are some benefits of having an online store for your business:

Ensures you keep making sales during COVID-19

Although we now know more about how to prevent COVID-19 and restrictions have been eased, many consumers still avoid public spaces or simply refuse to go out as often as before. As a result, consumers have opted to place orders remotely, either by phone or online. With this in mind, any business that works to provide online ordering/shopping services will be offering an experience that satisfies the market’s current needs.

Provides a complete experience for your customers

Having an online store gives your customers the convenience of placing orders from anywhere. Your customers have a useful and time-saving experience because they can shop from the comfort of their home or from any mobile device.

Increases traffic to your business

An online store exposes your business to the virtual world, where thousands of people spend hours browsing. This lets your business reach customers who did not necessarily know about your offerings. Sharing your online store through social media, online search engines, or even websites also lets more people find out about your products, offers, and other news.

Provides more information about your business

With an online store, you can provide more details about your products and share eye-catching images of what you are offering. This gives your potential customers the confidence to select products and make purchases.

Don’t have an online store for your business yet?

With Evertec’s pvot smart point-of-sale, you can create and manage purchases in your business, while also receiving orders from your website directly to your point-of-sale. Learn here how you can activate your online store with pvot.

By Yamilette Padilla – Product Manager | Merchant Acquiring Products

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