3 Benefits of Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs are among the most effective strategies for merchants to strengthen their customer relationships.

The market and its customers expect increasingly more personalization in their shopping experiences. Their behaviors have changed, so these types of programs generate constant feedback and provide direct connections for continuous improvement.

– Benefits –


Motivating customers through positive purchase experiences leads them to commit to the brand. According to a Harvard Business School study, they show that achieving a 5% growth in customer loyalty and retention increases business revenues by 25% to 95%.


It is clear that when customers feel motivated and satisfied, it leads to recurring purchases, there by establishing closer relationships and generating profits for the merchant.

Happy customers

Generating these feelings through loyalty programs is simple – there is nothing more gratifying for a customer than to see a merchant offering added value, meeting their expectations, and wowing them.

Learn more about the
Gustitos™GO loyalty program

The Gustitos™GO program created by Gustazos™ give points (G-Credits™) to your GustitosGO registered customers every time they use their ATH® card to make purchases at your business and at participating merchants.

Earn G-Credit points when you shop at participating GustitosGO merchants using the ATH® card registered in the GustitosGO website and get back 7% of your total purchase, or 12% when you return and make a second purchase at the same participating merchant in the same month, as per the participation rules established by GustitosGO. G-Credits can be redeemed at www.gustazos.com.

Join Now

Registering in the program is free for cardholders. You only need to complete the following steps to participate:

  1. Visit www.gustitosgo.com
  2. Sign up
  3. Link your ATH® card

Start earning rewards and accruing Gustazos.com G-Credits by making purchases with your linked card at all participating merchants.

Register your business

One of the main benefits of belonging to this program is that your business will be included in the GustitosGO marketing promotions, which encourage cardholders to visit those merchants. This will not only help you boost your sales but will also reward your customers’ loyalty.

To enroll your business in this program, you can:

  1. Visit www.getgustitosgo.com and submit your information, or
  2. Contact your Popular Merchant sales representative directly, or
  3. Send us an email at sales@popularmerchant.com, including your Merchant ID, stating that you wish to participate in the GustitosGO program.