Gustitos™Go, a partnership with many points in its favor 

Gustitos™Go is a loyalty program created by Gustazos that awards points (G-Credits™) to users registered in the Gustitos Go platform when they pay with their ATH® card at participating businesses. When you make purchases at Gustitos™Go’s participating businesses using an ATH® card that is properly registered in the program, you receive G-Credits™ equivalent to 7% of your total purchase. This amount goes up to 12% when you make a second purchase at the same participating business in the same month, as per the participation rules established by Gustitos™Go.  G-Credits™ are redeemed at

By belonging to this program, your business will be included in Gustitos™Go’s marketing promotions and, as the main benefit, cardholders will be encouraged to visit these businesses. This will not only help you boost your sales but will also reward your customers’ loyalty.

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Cardholders that wish to start earning G-Credits™ should register at, link their ATH® card, and automatically start earning rewards by paying with the linked card at participating businesses and accruing G-Credits™ for these purchases. Registering in the program is free for cardholders.

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To participate in this program as a merchant, visit, contact your Popular Merchant sales officer, or send us an email at stating that you wish to participate in the Gustitos™Go program and including your Merchant ID.