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Gustitos™Go, a partnership with many points in its favor 

Gustitos™Go is a loyalty program created by Gustazos™ that awards points (G-Credits™) to users registered in the Gustitos Go platform when they pay with their ATH® card at participating businesses. When you make purchases at Gustitos™Go’s participating businesses using an ATH® card that is properly registered in the program, you receive G-Credits™ equivalent to 7% of your […]

Accelerate business operations on a comprehensive, future-proof cloud platform

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have not had the same opportunity as larger enterprises to manage their companies with robust, modern software applications. Legacy ERP systems and entry-level accounting software provide limited functionality, and they are difficult to integrate with add-on applications when companies need to round out their core business requirements. Disconnected systems result […]

VISA status check messages

Visa no longer allow status check messages of amounts greater or less than USD 1, except for transactions at automated fuel dispensers (AFDs) specifically merchants with the Merchant Category Code (MCC) 5542—Automated Fuel Dispensers. It is important to use a zero-value account verification messages, instead of using a single unit of currency (i.e., USD 1) […]