Evertec signs an agreement with Mercantil Banco in Panama to manage the processing of both its debit and credit card portfolios

Evertec signed an agreement with Mercantil Banco to manage the processing of its debit card portfolio in Panama extending their current relationship and unifying its card processing solutions. Mercantil Banco has been operating in Panama for over four decades with extensive experience in nine countries in America and Europe. For its part, Evertec, a payment and transaction processor with clients in 26 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and more than 30 years of experience; expanded its services with the bank with whom it has maintained an excellent business relationship since 2012.

After the migration of the debit portfolio, the bank and its users will take advantage of having their card processing unified under a single company, resulting in a better use of resources for regulatory issues, expanding their call center service to 24 hours for card blocking purposes, enhancing their fraud monitoring and data unification services to optimize shipping speed using MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching); among others.

“With this integration, which specifically affects Mastercard debit cards, Mercantil Banco confirms its trust in Evertec and the quality of its services and systems, as well as its commitment to improving the range of services and response times it offers to its multiple product customers. Additionally, as part of the migration, the bank will have enhanced monitoring services and a call center to service its products”, commented the Senior Commercial Vice President of Evertec Central América, Juan José Abbiati.

This milestone extends the relationship between Evertec and Mercantil Banco and the synergy between the two companies, working closely together to offer an exceptional level of service to the bank’s cardholders.

 The Executive Vice President of Payment Services of Evertec for Latin America, Rodrigo Del Castillo, said that “we are very happy to be able to offer our services for the entire portfolio of both credit and debit cards of Mercantil Banco. This integration of services and strategic alliance will not only bring benefits for the market in general but also ultimately result in opportunities and better service the bank’s customers”.