Putting the protection of our planet Earth into practice

At Evertec we are aware that to ensure the economic and social long-term sustainability of the world in which we live in, it is necessary to safeguard the natural resources that maintain it in good condition. We understand that it is imperative to protect nature and our Planet’s ecosystems not only for today’s society, but […]

Evertec signs an agreement with Mercantil Banco in Panama to manage the processing of both its debit and credit card portfolios

With this partnership, Mercantil Banco, the issuing bank, unifies its card processing solutions, both credit and debit, with Evertec.</p > The scope of the migration includes the end-to-end implementation of debit cards with Evertec, as well as the certification of entire transactional flow.</p > <ahref=”https://www.evertecinc.com/pasarela-de-pagos-e-commerce/” target=”_blank” style=”background-color:”> As part of the migration, Evertec will offer […]