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Acumatica: Flexible Cutting-Edge Tools

History of Cantera Carraizo

Cantera Carraizo, Inc. is a company dedicated to the extraction and processing of materials from the earth’s crust to convert them into construction aggregates, such as gravel, stone, and filler. It was founded 38 years ago on March 30, 1984, in the Carraizo neighborhood, in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. The company, led by Engineer Alfonso M. Diaz, employs 38 people and provides services to the entire island.

The challenge

Our relationship with Evertec began in mid-2021 as we looked for a company with experience in application integrations. We needed an interface that would integrate the truck scale software we were using with our accounting application. We tried several times to integrate the applications on our own with no success. We urgently needed to streamline the invoicing process, which was, at the time, taking us a total of 5 hours per day to complete. The process we had implemented, due to lack of integration, required 2 hours to validate and classify the product receipts and 3 additional hours of manual data entry.

At Cantera Carraizo, we use an AWSys (Advanced Weighing System) truck scale software that did not integrate with our existing Sage 50 (Peachtree) accounting system. This forced us to enter the data manually in both systems in order to generate invoices, which made the process very slow and susceptible to data-entry errors. We have an island-wide operation, so we urgently needed these systems to connect.

Cantera Carraizo needed an interface that integrated the truck scale software with the accounting application.

The solution

After evaluating the systems we were using and our business needs, Evertec determined that Sage 50 did not have the ability to integrate with the truck scale software. They recommended switching to the Acumatica ERP system, which was easy to use and would give us the flexibility we needed to integrate the AWSys system. Acumatica would also allow us to optimize other operational processes, which would reduce the lead times in other areas.

With Acumatica ERP, we were not only able to integrate the scale software with the new accounting system, but we also managed to cut back the billing process to less than 1 hour per day. Now, we only need to spend some time conducting a simple data review as part of our regular billing protocol. Acumatica makes all our work easier by automatically extracting the data from the AWSys and making it accessible through the platform in a fast and accurate way. The platform is easy to use, so we adapted to the new system quickly, thus allowing us to benefit from the platform almost immediately.

With Acumatica, we have also automated processes that we used to perform manually, such as creating reports like the Profit & Loss, which Acumatica now generates automatically at the beginning of each week.

Cantera Carraizo started implementing Acumatica on July 1, 2021, and completed the process with support from the Evertec team in just one and a half months, on August 16, 2021.

At Cantera Carraizo, we know that the expertise of Evertec’s team with Acumatica and other ERP systems integrations, along with their understanding of our business operations, allowed us to implement the platform successfully and quickly. Another factor that helped was Acumatica’s flexible and innovative tools, which helped us make the implementation process faster and more streamlined so we could have a fully integrated system in a very short period of time.

“We are very happy with how the Acumatica system has been implemented and with the support from Evertec’s team. We have managed to reduce the lead times of key processes in our operations and have automated tasks to allow us to provide a better and faster service for our customers. Everyone in the company is very excited about this transformation in our operations.” – Engineer Alfonso M. Diaz, President of Cantera Carraizo, Inc.


The company is very excited about the changes brought by Acumatica into the company’s operation. By reducing the time spent on billing and reporting processes by 50%, we can now focus on other key operational processes. And with a unified system like the one we have now, we have a more comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the entire organization, which will help us grow even more in the industry.

In addition to the vertical integration of the scale software and the reduced processing times, Acumatica has made it easy to expand our business operations to support new acquisitions thanks to the multi-entity support provided by the platform and its unique structure with unlimited users. This system feature has eliminated the cost per additional license that the acquisition would have entailed, allowing us to save during the expansion process.

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