3 Ways to maximize my business sales with a virtual store

3 formas de maximizar las ventas de mi negocio con una tienda virtual

If you already decided to add a virtual store to your business, now is the time to maximize the chance to boost your sales. But how can you do this with a web page?

Here are 3 tips on how to maximize your business sales through your virtual store:

add attractive images and descriptions

Humans are visually oriented beings, and it becomes much more relevant when it comes to online sales. That is because during a virtual purchase, we do not have the opportunity to touch, smell, or even try the item we want. Therefore, an attractive image and description can help a lot to make a decision. With this in mind, be sure to optimize the way you set up your products in your online store with appealing images and clear, detailed descriptions. This way, your customers will feel confident knowing every detail of what they are buying, and you will be able to increase your sales.

share your virtual store through social media

You may design and set up a very attractive virtual store, but if you don’t promote it to your customers, all that work will be wasted since nobody will see it. A very easy place to promote your virtual store is through social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to add the URL to your profiles and share it in engaging posts. The more people can see your store, the higher your sales will be.

share your virtual store at your physical business

Systems like the pvot smart point of sale allow you to download a QR code to provide your customers with easy access to your virtual store. This is a simple way to make your virtual store known to your customers, thus boosting your online sales. You can also share the QR code at your restaurant’s tables, on the windows of your business, or even on the packaging of shipped orders.

Don’t have a virtual store in your business yet?

With Evertec’s pvot smart point-of-sale, you can create and manage purchases in your business, while also receiving orders from your website directly to your point-of-sale. Click here to learn how to activate your online store with pvot.

By Yamilette Padilla – Product Manager | Merchant Acquiring Products

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