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Get to know our fraud monitoring service

Evertec is committed to the implementation of the best practices to offer the highest level of service and security to our customers.
Conoce nuestro servicio de monitoreo de fraude

This is why we monitor transactions through our RiskCenter 360™ solution with the support of a team of fraud analysts. This solution is part of our services to protect our customers and does not carry an additional cost under your Merchant Agreement with us.

Through this service, the team located in our operations centers in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica may contact you by phone and email in order to alert, validate, and document the investigation of any unusual transactions.

If you receive an alert call and email from for unusual transactions, it is important to respond promptly so our team can obtain additional information and validate this transaction. If you would like to contact our fraud monitoring team directly, please call (787) 773-5338 and/or email

This additional layer of security helps us strengthen our fraud prevention services which, in turn, reduces the operational risk for our merchants and boosts the security of their business transactions. This helps us comply with the credit card network requirements and federal regulations.

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