Evertec, the Technological Partner that Joins Getnet Chile in the Opening of the Country’s Payment Market

Tras el anuncio de Getnet sobre el lanzamiento de su nueva red de pago el 1 de marzo 2021, Evertec, empresa líder en tecnología con presencia en 26 países de América Latina, Puerto Rico y el Caribe, se siente muy orgulloso en haber desarrollado un papel importante ofreciendo toda su experiencia regional y soluciones de procesamiento adquirente.

Santiago, Chile, March 4, 2021. Following Getnet’s announcement about the launch of its new payment network on March 1, 2021, Evertec, a leading technology company with a presence in 26 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean region, is very proud to have played a major role offering all its regional expertise and acquirer processing solutions. Evertec, provided all its knowledge, technology, and infrastructure in support of Getnet, a subsidiary of Banco Santander Chile, to open this path by generating a transformation of the payment method ecosystem in Chile, with an important and novel commitment in the way payments are made and received.

Getnet Chile will provide acquiring services to merchants, with Evertec’s acquiring processing, products and platforms for digital payments, leveraging Santander Chile’s position as one of the most important banks in the country and Evertec’s position as one of the most relevant processors in Latin America.

Through this agreement, Getnet will improve the experience of all, both its affiliated businesses and the cardholders who visit them, ensuring the benefit of universal acceptance of all payment methods throughout the country. In turn, Evertec will be the key in delivering a complete, secure and efficient solution, guaranteeing compliance with both local and international regulations along with Mastercard, VISA, and American Express.

Without a doubt, we are proud to join Getnet Chile in this transformation. As a processor with local capabilities, we are confident of being well positioned to actively participate in the future growth of the market and to be the strategic ally that the bank needs to provide exceptional service,” said Rodrigo Del Castillo, Executive Vice President of Payment Services at Evertec for Latin America.

Our relationship with Banco Santander represents the consolidation of Evertec as one of the main payment media processing providers in Chile as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For his part, Daniel Barba, Vice President of Processing at Evertec for Latin America and director of this project, comments: “The launch of Getnet Chile represents a huge milestone in the country, bringing great benefits for everyone, both businesses and consumers, providing a more open and competitive model. It has been an honor to work together with Banco Santander and its team of professionals under the highest quality standards.

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About Evertec:
Evertec (NYSE: EVTC), is a leading transaction processing services company in Latin America, provides services for acquiring transactions in stores, payment processing and business processes management. It manages a system of electronic payment networks with more than 2 billion transactions annually and provides an integral set of banking solutions, processing services, cash processing and technology outsourcing. In addition, Evertec has and operates the ATH® network, one of the main debit networks with a personal identification number in Latin America. Headquartered in Puerto Rico, it offers services in 26 Latin American countries. For more information, visit www.evertecinc.com.

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