Evertec strengthens its relationship with Colombia’s tourism sector

Participamos en varios eventos de la industria del Turismo en Colombia para ofrecer soluciones de pagos digitales.

More options for digital payments for regional tourism.

Recently, tourism entrepreneurs from the Medellín Chamber of Commerce joined us to highlight the importance of offering digital payments solutions to serve international audiences.

Thanks to Evertec and its PlacetoPay digital payments solution, tourism businessmen will now be able to offer their clients multiple options with different payment methods to tourists visiting Colombia from all over the world.

Some of the services that can be implemented in any business are the following:

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payment links

Generates collection links for your customers which can be sent to any device, chat, email, or social networks.

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Receive online payments without having to have a website.


QR code

Allows users to make payments from their devices by scanning a QR code.

Anato: tourist fair 2020. Technology at the service of tourism.

Evertec participated in the world-renown and most important event of Colombia’s tourism industry, which has strengthened this sector for the past 39 years and is now focused on finding technological solutions that facilitate the operation of tourism companies and offer greater convenience and assurance to travelers worldwide.

PlacetoPay, Evertec’s digital payments solution, offers tailored products for different industries, including tourism with funds dispersion, which allows you to divide credit card payments to reach different bank accounts.

Technology, and the entry of new companies and upcoming destinations, will be some of the novelties that can be enjoyed this year,” explained Paula Cortés Street, Executive President of ANATO.

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