Evertec and its social impact in the community

At Evertec, we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment very seriously. Day after day, we ensure that our operations make a positive.

At Evertec, we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment very seriously. Day after day, we ensure that our operations make a positive contribution to our environment, employees, customers, and the well-being and economic development of our communities.

Evertec’s CSR Program has been continuous, advancing hand-in-hand with our company’s growth and transformation. In 2019, we focused our efforts under the banner “Evertec as an enabler of a social impact strategy” and we further defined our CSR Program pillars, as follows:

  • Empowering the communities we serve to enable their sustainable development
  • Serving as a driver of education to help create a more diverse workforce
  • Leveraging technology as the key to protect the environment
  • Unlocking the potential of businesses, an essential element of economic prosperity.

From Commitment to Practice…

In 2019, we engaged in multiple corporate initiatives, which we have outlined below:

  • Volunteer Day – Summit event to empower the communities we serve. This event was held in September and yielded great results, such as the participation of 680 volunteers (including employees and their families), who offered a total of 3,640 hours of volunteer service to support 24 non-profit institutions in 10 of the different countries where we operate.
  • Scholarship Program – As part of our interest to serve as a driving force to promote diversity, inclusivity and an equal opportunity for education, in 2019, we granted 135 scholarships to outstanding students in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay, with a total investment of over $160,000. Additionally, as part of our efforts to foster gender diversity, in Puerto Rico, we established a partnership with women leaders in the technology and science industry. We worked with them to create a plan focused on increasing gender diversity by raising the amount of applications from young women to our Scholarship Program in 2020.



  • Revolución Naranja – This is our volunteer program that manages our environmental protection initiatives within Evertec.  Created in 2007, the Revolución Naranja program is led by volunteer employees in Puerto Rico and Latin America that carry out strategic and educational activities aiming to promote environmental awareness, sustainability and waste reduction. In 2019, we managed not only to grow the team by recruiting more than 100 employees from our offices throughout the Caribbean and Latin American, but also expanded our environmental impact efforts to champion the cause in these locations.
  • Corporate Contributions – In 2019, our financial contributions in the form of sponsorships and donations exceeded $800,000.These funds were granted to organizations whose missions are solely focused on the promoting the well-being of our communities, education, the environment, and the arts, among others.

We have invested more than $3.7 million dollars through sponsorships and donations in partnerships with community-based organization over the last 5 years throughout the region.

Initiative for Diversity and Equal Opportunities

At Evertec, we have an explicit commitment to drive equal opportunity in the workplace, which we have put in practice through our initiative for diversity and inclusivity at Evertec. Diversity is a key element and our formula for innovation. As part of this focus, we have managed to establish strategic partnerships with Piloto 151 and its Womentechover series in Puerto Rico, and also with Latinity in Costa Rica.

In addition, our efforts for diversity have led us to receive important awards, such as Women Who Lead Company, 20-20 Women on Boards, and the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, for which we have been selected  for the last two years, distinguishing  Evertec for its commitment to transparency in reporting on gender diversity within the organization and promoting women equality.

All these results achieved in 2019 through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program are proof of us living our values and of our continued progress towards creating a better world for future generations. We thank our employees; whose efforts and commendable work are key for all our achievements.

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