Business Advisory Meeting: Building bonds

Last September, in our business advisory meeting, we had the opportunity to share a pleasant space prevailed to exchange ideas, learn about new projects, and strengthen links with 15 clients from Latin America and the Caribbean and our executive team.

The business advisory meeting is an annual gathering that Evertec holds at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and which fosters a transparent and pleasant chat about the business so that customers learn more about the company and its growth with new functionalities, products, and services. The first edition of the meeting took place on 2018, since then Evertec has created a space to express concerns and ideas for future collaboration.

During this last session, Evertec had the opportunity to present its most recent transformation due to the acquisition of BBR SpA, a company with offices in Chile and Peru, which provides payment and technology solutions services aimed mainly at retail businesses (retailers) and large stores, and the closing of the transaction with Banco Popular of Puerto Rico. 

After this presentation, Evertec’s clients had the opportunity to take a tour of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor and ring the bell that marked the closing of the stock market for that day. 

Ringing the bell at the epicenter of world finance is considered an honor for guests, an honor Evertec enjoys as a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On this occasion, Alexandra López-Soler, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Evertec, was appointed with the outstanding work of ringing the bell.

An important part during this visit to New York City, takes place after the advisory session, where different spaces and activities are foster to bring Evertec’s executive closer to the clients. Promoting conversations about future projects, opinions about the development of the different markets in the region and the needs of clients, as well as opportunities for growth and improvement, is one of the fundamental objectives of the business advisory meeting.

“Through experiences like these we get to understand our clients’ needs and identify opportunities for improvement. This allows us to continue strengthening our organization and driving our transformation strategy to build a successful future for our clients, and, therefore, for our organization. This exchange also allows our partners to see us in a broader and more holistic way of growing their business.”
Said Mac Schuessler, President & CEO of Evertec.

Through this initiative, Evertec makes it possible to strengthen the relationship with and between its clients, to promote and consolidate the growth of the entire region thanks to the exchange of knowledge, experiences, sharing the best market practices, promoting innovation and technology, but, above all, making it possible.

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