Business Advisory Meeting: Building bonds

Last September, in our business advisory meeting, we had the opportunity to share a pleasant space prevailed to exchange ideas, learn about new projects, and strengthen links with 15 clients from Latin America and the Caribbean and our executive team.

Neartopay, Evertec’s new payment acceptance application

The use of contactless payments across Latin America and the Caribbean doubled in 2021 according to Visa Consulting & Analytics. According to GSMA Intelligence, smartphone connections in Latin America will reach 600 million by the end of 2025, equivalent to an 80% adoption rate among the population. At Evertec, we continue to innovate and offer […]

Tokenization: The road to digitizing payment methods

Beyond being a luxury, technology represents a need in human life and is embedded in every context of its day to day. The payment ecosystem is no exception. It has evolved hand in hand with technology and innovation to offer safer and more streamlined payment methods.