Strategic alliances that foster innovation and inclusion

Con el propósito de hacer disponibles espacios de innovación, Evertec ha creado unas alianzas estratégicas para apoyar espacios colaborativos y el desarrollo de nuevas ideas que aporten a avanzar el ecosistema tecnológico de la región.

New spaces for innovation with Engine 4

Recently, Evertec formed a strategic alliance with Engine 4, one of the largest collaborative and shared workspaces in Puerto Rico. Through this partnership, we reaffirm our commitment to continue contributing to promoting education by providing tools and spaces that encourage the development of new technologies. In addition to being a place for students, academia and nascent entrepreneurs, the agreement allows us to use the facilities for the development of our internal talent and promoting the learning and exploration of new trends and technology among our employees.

Fostering collaboration and inclusion with Piloto 151

In addition to fostering innovation, Evertec focusing on advancing the diversity and inclusion of more women in the field of technology. That is why, through the strategic alliance with Piloto 151, a pioneer organization in creating spaces for collaboration and shared work in Puerto Rico, we launched the Womentechover initiative. This strategy consists of creating a series of talks that highlight women leaders in the sector. Introducing recognized speakers and real-life role models is key to inspire other women and girls to follow careers in the technology industry, while advocating more inclusive work environments.

In Evertec we believe in the importance of the integration of the entire technological ecosystem and encourage inclusion to ensure that we expand our ability to develop innovative solutions for our customers and business partners.

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