Semi-integrated or stand alone? Which to choose?

Here we present a comparison of the Semi-integrated and Stand Alone solutions, so you can identify which is the most convenient for your company and choose the option that best fits your needs and allows you to continue to optimize your operation and grow your business.


What is Semi-integrated?

It is a service that allows the integration between an application that resides in a terminal and a cash register or business management system application. In addition to receiving in person payments, it allows you to integrate with more complex applications for inventory management, employee administration, and more.

Characteristics Semi-integrated
  • It is a specialized service, which offers the benefit of a having a single data entry point which allows you to easily reconcile sales and transactions.

  • It requires an integrator, such as the merchant's cash register provider, to develop an integration layer. Evertec is certified with the main application providers for restaurants, retail, supermarkets, pharmacies, among others.

  • It allows you to streamline transactions, since the systems and /or modules are integrated, and data can flow between them.

  • Can be used at unattended kiosks for card-present payments.

  • If the merchant platform is already connected to Evertec, the integration process is easier.

Who should use Semi-integrated?

It is recommended for businesses of any size that wish to have additional functionalities integrated within their payment system, that allows them to optimize the operation of their business.

stand alone

What is a Stand Alone terminal?

It is a terminal that is not integrated with any cash register system; operates on its own to handle payments for your business. It can be a desktop or wireless terminal and can be used by businesses in any industry to process in-person payments, either with debit or credit cards, QR codes and ATH Móvil, among others.

Characteristics Stand Alone
  • It is a simple service in which the main functionality is to receive in-person payments. It is easy to access and intuitive to use and runs independently of other systems. It does not require third parties to generate an integration layer and the implementation time is minimal.

  • It does not require an integration between the POS system and the sales terminal.

Who should use Stand Alone?

It is the easiest way to start receiving payments in a business, since the installation is faster. It is recommended for low volume businesses that require a quick and easy in-person payment solution.

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