Our digital payment platform reaches more countries to strengthen ecommerce

Evertec takes its Placetopay online payments platform to Costa Rica, Chile and Puerto Rico, seeking to offer a more flexible and agile option to the growing world of ecommerce

Evertec has different safety tools for fraud prevention and mitigation from client or card enrollment, as well as during transaction operation that can be integrated for real protection in all payment channels.

With this expansion, Evertec seeks to expand the supply of safe, agile and versatile electronic transactions in Costa Rica, Panama, and soon Chile and Puerto Rico. This service, which also works in Colombia and Ecuador, stands out for the ability to receive payments through different channels in real time, enable various means of payment quickly and easily, as well as for its high levels of security in the whole process.

The growing adoption of the e-commerce and the conversion of hundreds of business to the digital world, it make these solutions for businesses and users increasingly relevant. For Evertec it is very important to offer a platform that, in addition to enabling various means of payment, centers its focus on offering confidence and security to consumers and owners of businesses; as well as accompany the processes and due regulatory compliance and the financial institutions brands.

“Facing end users, Evertec’s offer focuses on processes and tools seeking to increase the rate of approval and mitigate the risk of fraud without forgetting elements such as responsive screens that provide a better experience to consumers. As for the shops, one of the great benefits that Placetopay brings is multi-channel, that is, that in addition to the Web, payments can be made through social networks, physical points with QR code and with IVR (interactive voice response) for the case of sales by phone, among other options”, said Ricardo García Molina, General Director of Evertec Medellín.

Evertec has a variety of tools to prevent and mitigate fraud from both a customer and card enrollment process perspective, as well as security solutions that can be integrated into the operational process of the transaction itself to offer superior protection in all payment channels.

“Aware of the importance of payments through online channels, we have remained focused on strengthening our digital payment solutions to make the experience simpler and more secure. For end users, Evertec’s offer focuses on processes and tools that seek to increase the approval rate and mitigate the risk of fraud without forgetting the elements that provide a better payment experience for the end customer. As for businesses, one of the great benefits that Placetopay offers is an integrated multi-channel experience, that is, in addition to via the web, payments can be performed through social networks, on-premise with a QR code and using the IVR (voice response interactive) in the case of telephone sales, among other options. This, in turn, increases the options businesses can present to their clients by offering them the ability to receive payments from a variety of digital channels and handle them in an integrated manner” states Rodrigo Del Castillo, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Latin America.