ATH® New identity

ATH continues transforming Puerto Rico’s payments market

(San Juan, Puerto Rico – November 3, 2021) – As part of its transformation of the local payments marketplace, Evertec®, a leading Fintech company for electronic transactions in Puerto Rico and Latin America, today presented ATH’s new identity and that of its family of products. Its new identity represents its transformation from just a physical card to a multi-channel offering that includes online and mobile services (such as ATH Móvil and ATH Móvil Business) for financial institutions, merchants, organizations, and consumers across Puerto Rico. 

The ATH card was launched over 35 years ago; in its first year, it marked the first transaction made at an ATM in the ATH® Network in Puerto Rico. Since then, ATH and its Network began to revolutionize Puerto Rican businesses’ and consumers’ payment methods with its automatic teller machines (ATMs) and points of sale (POS) devices. 

“At Evertec, we have risen to the challenges presented by the payments industry and have remained focused and committed to the ATH® promise of simplifying consumers’ lives. We have achieved this by offering one of Latin America’s leading ATM and PIN debit networks, which provides services to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica,” said Mike Vizcarrondo, Evertec’s Chief Commercial Officer for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  He added that, “Security has always been our top priority and the most important attribute of ATH. We have always been at the forefront implementing new technologies to protect consumers’ and their money. First by requiring PIN at the point of sale, later implementing PIN payments onlineintroducing fingerprint and facial recognition, and more recently, through chip and contactless cards.” 

Other features that highlight ATH are its agility, convenience, and innovation. ATH is easy to use, accessible 24/7, and accepted everywhere instantly thru its online transactions. ATH’s innovation has shown that a seamless transition from physical cards to the digital and mobile world is possible. “We not only did we create ATH Móvil by leveraging the ATH network and technology, but we are also constantly improving the app to continue offering new options to our clients,” said Vizcarrondo. 

According to Vizcarrondo, the growth of the ATH brand has been solid demonstrated through the following business results: 

  • Processing 1 billion ATH transactions per year 
  • More than 50,000 merchants accept ATH in Puerto Rico 


In addition, ATH Móvil (ATHM) serves: 

  • Over 1.7 million registered users  
  • Around 20,000 active businesses in ATH Móvil Business 


Additionally, the ATH Movil app is already included among the most used and recognized apps in Puerto Rico and has received several awards in the Innovation segment, particularly with its payment functionality via QR code at the point of sale.

A New Image for a New Era

ATH’s new image was unveiled by Alexandra López, Evertec’s Chief Marketing Officer. This new identity highlights the evolution of this offering presenting a simpler, more modern logo, which also responds to the digital and mobile world we live in today. The logos associated with its digital channels such as ATH Móvil and ATH Business represent the continuous evolution of the brand and the unification with the other payment channels through which consumers use ATH to pay in a quick and convenient manner. 

“Our core ATH brand has three values: security, convenience, and accessibility. These values not only reflect the DNA of the brand, making it more personal and humanized, but they also represent what our customers experience every time they use our products and services,” López stated. 

Both brands (ATH and ATHM) were simplified in this new image, bringing them visually closer together focusing on the value of ATH while respecting its successful trajectory. On the other hand, each letter of the ATH logo was uniquely designed to demonstrate both originality and an expression of simplicity, agility, and transparency. According to López, another advantage of this evolution is that it responds to this new era where communication through mobile phones, apps, and social media have transformed the world and, as a result, how businesses approach consumers. ATH, ATH Móvil, and ATH Business are now more in unison with each other and closer to the new technologies being developed in the digital world, while also respecting the values of the parent brand and its business strategy focused on fomenting entrepreneurship. 

“More importantly, this evolution allows us to position the ATH, ATH Móvil, and ATH Business brands, as products that facilitate the value exchange between businesses and consumers and between consumers themselves, making these exchanges easier, immediate and more secure,” said López. 

It should be noted that Evertec will run an advertising campaign to communicate this new identity. The campaign will include several events in collaboration with its business partners so cardholders are informed and start recognizing the redesigned brands as the ones they already use and trust.   

The launch of ATH’s new image took place during the event “A New Era Begins Now” at Caribbean Cinemas VIP in San Patricio Plaza, joined by the island’s press members and recognized influencers.