8-digit BIN mandate for its Siscard platform

The development related to the logic of the system that modifies the previous practice of taking the account number from the first thirteen digits of the card number was completed and installed in the first quarter of 2021.

Work is being done on the modification of variables and repositories that consider the six- position BIN criterion to work with the new eight-digit standard. These variables and repositories must be modified as they interact with different Siscard modules.

Customers should consider that the Siscard system will use the eight-digit bin standard with the implications they have for their operational processes.

estimated date of completion of developments: end of first quarter 2022

Work is ongoing to modify the internal processes of the Siscard system (including all modules, reports, and files), so that the first eight positions of the card number that the issuer has typically been using to associate the concept of product and by-products (for example, a point issuer and an issuer mile or an alliance with an airline) is not obtained. The concept of issuer

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