TIC Móvil Cafam Card: Service at Your Reach

Evertec recently announced the introduction of TIC Móvil Cafam in Colombia

TIC Móvil Cafam is a digital wallet that allows the members of the family subsidy entity to perform transactions from their mobile devices, leveraging the convenience and security of QR codes and tokens to make purchases or withdrawals at partner and allied businesses without needing to use their physical card.

Given the boost that digital solutions have received in the region to date, Cafam —a family subsidy entity— decided to digitize its Integral Card (TIC), to offer its members a mobile tool that will help them manage their cash balance and make purchase, and withdrawals in a quick and simple manner at any time.

This digital transformation helps them further reinforce their commitment to the community and be “closer to their members,” since the virtual Integral Card offers members a streamlined and easy way to access the services provided by Cafam.

“TIC Móvil Cafam is the result of a joint innovation and development process, with Evertec’s support as our technology partner. After several months working together, both companies successfully launched this new virtual service, which is available to our members so they can safely manage the products they have with us and perform financial and non-financial transactions from their mobile phones. This is meant to gradually reduce the use of physical (plastic) cards and to lead consumers to use TIC Móvil Cafam to perform purchases, withdrawals, mobile line reloads, balance inquiries, and data updates, among other transactions,” explained Giovanni Palma Cortés, Deputy Director of Technology, Processes and Operations at Cafam.

The constant awareness of their members’ needs, as well as the drive to develop a portfolio of innovative services, is what has consolidated Cafam as one of the leading family subsidy entities in the country. Cafam continues seeking diverse and new alternatives to promote the wellbeing of Colombia’s workers, specifically this time, through the development of a digital wallet. This simplifies payment processes for members and allows them to access multiple channels and benefits.

“The big challenge is to keep improving the customer experience with digital, self-managed, and intuitive solutions. We will continue working to complement the TIC Móvil Cafam service offering with new features to turn it into an integral solution for Cafam, as well as for their members,” assured Sandra Milena Romero Ropero, General Manager of Evertec Colombia, who has been leading operations in the Bogotá office since last June and has over 20 years of professional experience in the financial industry.

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