How to Handle Your Business’s Intelligence and Data

Dashboard es una plataforma ágil y moderna que permite visualizar y analizar transacciones, crear y generar reportes. Esto permite manejar la información e inteligencia de tu negocio y así tomar mejores decisiones para aumentar la rentabilidad y crecimiento del mismo.

What does Dashboard provide?

  • Graphs with statistics on the behavior of payment channels
  • Universal search engine to facilitate data search
  • POS transaction reports available for the preceding 365 days
  • Account statements for the preceding 18 months
  • POS receipts
  • Transaction POS for the preceding 12 months
  • E-commerce transactions for the preceding 90 days


Con nuestro Dashboard podrás ver el comportamiento de tus clientes por canal, día y hora. También puedes buscar transacciones, generar reembolsos para transacciones de e-commerce, y exportar información en formatos de Excel y PDF, tanto en español, como en inglés.

With our Dashboard you will be able to see the behavior of your customers per channel, day, and time. You can also search transactions, generate reimbursements for e-commerce transactions, and export information in Excel and PDF formats, both in English and Spanish.

In the Dashboard, all your data is gathered in one place and you have the possibility to analyze it in order to detect potential problems before they occur.

This tool is available for our customers who have any of these services: Call Center Pay, Checkout, Collect, Kiosk, POS, and Recurrent Payments. If you still do not have Dashboard, you can register for access to this platform by visiting and filling out the requested fields.

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