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Evertec Joins Mastercard To Accelerate Fintech Expansion In Latin America And The Caribbean

Being a member of the Network Enablement Partner allows Evertec to offer issuances and other Mastercard solutions in the region in a more agile way and optimize efforts to expand the ecosystem.

San Juan August 10, 2023 — Evertec, a leading transaction processing services company in Latin America, announced today that it is now part of Mastercard’s Network Enablement Partner across all its processing platforms.

The Network Enablement Partner program is an initiative of Mastercard to enrich the fintech and digital payments ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and is consistent with Mastercard’s commitment to constantly adapt to the new digital environment, strengthening the relationship with service providers of the payment ecosystem and focusing on innovative solutions and programs that promote the Market transformation.

This Mastercard program offers new opportunities to Evertec through any of its issuing platforms. Aware of the fast-paced world in which we live, where consumers want easy transactions, as members of the Network Enablement Partner we will now be able to quickly promote innovative payment solutions in multiple geographies of Latin America and accelerate the time to market of our clients and fintechs

We believe that facilitating the connection of the entire ecosystem helps accelerate financial innovation and inclusion in the region. We are confident that, as an Enablement Partner, Evertec will be able to add more value to our customers together

As a Network Enablement Partner, Evertec gains direct connectivity with Mastercard, providing it with access to its core assets: network, reach, solutions, and information to unlock opportunities for disruption, transformation, and growth within the region’s digital payments ecosystem.

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