Department of Antioquia

The Departmental Government of Antioquia is a public entity that handles matters related to the planning and promotion of the department's economic, political, and social development. It currently employs more than 3,000 people, including employees and contractors, whose primary objective is to improve the social well-being of the people of Antioquia.

Citizens are the main focus, which is why strategies have been implemented to ensure that they receive assistance that meets their needs in a timely manner. These strategies also ensure that the community will have access to the entity’s services, providing its users with top-notch benefits.

The challenge

Looking to improve the quality of the services provided to its citizens, the Antioquia Government has worked hard to obtain tools that offer its citizens more channels to pay their taxes online in a secure manner and protect their confidential information to prevent any potential fraud when conducting this process.

The solution

With the Evertec PlacetoPay gateway, the Antioquia Government was able to implement a payment button, allowing taxpayers to complete their transactions and pay their taxes online without having to visit the offices. This implementation initially focused on one type of transaction: vehicle taxes, which represent the highest source of revenue for the department to date. Over the years, the feature was used often, and was upgraded to include other services, such as self-disclosures and electronic signatures. This adoption was achieved thanks to the awareness raised and the culture created around online payments and transactions.

This is how the alliance with Evertec has been integral to the organization’s digital transformation process, resulting in a synergy that has led to exclusive developments not yet available in through other gateways in Colombia.

“The Antioquia Government has always had a latent need to expand the channels to provide better services to its citizens. Evertec listened to our need and assisted us. This joint effort with other banking entities has allowed us to put together an excellent working team, which is evident when you look at the level of satisfaction among our citizens.”

The results

During these 10 years of hard work, the benefits have been significant both for the people and for the Department of Antioquia, whose focus is to meet the requirements that will enable improving their taxpayers’ lives. According to the Department, the greatest benefit has been the improvement in collections. By having more service channels, users find more options to pay their obligations. Additional sources of revenue have also been addressed, such as vehicle taxes, gasoline surcharge taxes, and passports, among others. This has allowed them to reach different sectors of the population by using the proceeds to do more social work.


  • Transaction security plays an important role when it comes in providing taxpayers with more options to make payments to the department.

  • Awareness has been raised to help taxpayers overcome their fears and skepticism regarding online payments, helping them understand that having more options benefits both the users and the organization.

  • The Antioquia Government strives to continue improving their relationship with their technological partners to obtain better results. The goal is to bring all of the Department’s collections and payments to digital channels, offering taxpayers not only a physical payment method but also the convenience of being able to pay from wherever they are.

  • The entity’s digital transformation has helped reduce its internal operational burden and costs, which is reflected outwardly in the form of better service delivery and increase in user satisfaction.

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