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Banco Davivienda recognizes Evertec® with the Inspira 2023 Award for its contribution to Digital Transformation in Costa Rica

Banco Davivienda, a leading financial institution in the region, awarded first place in the Digital Transformation category of the Inspira 2023 Awards to Evertec, in recognition of its outstanding participation in the innovative "Apple Pay®" project implemented in Costa Rica.

Since the launch of Apple Pay on October 22, 2022, Davivienda has transformed the experience of its cardholders, offering convenience, security and privacy through the services offered by its technology partner, Evertec. The revolutionary Apple Pay e-wallet has extended its benefits to iOS device users, enabling fast, convenient, private and secure payments for those with Visa® cards and Apple devices.

This positive impact is reflected in Davivienda’s comprehensive mobile wallet coverage in the market. The free app, available to customers with Visa or Mastercard® cards and iOS devices, has become a key element for those seeking innovative, convenient and secure payment methods.

Evertec, in collaboration with Banco Davivienda in Costa Rica, overcame challenges during the implementation of the Apple Pay wallet project. Despite the obstacles, it achieved the successful commercial launch of the wallet for Davivienda Costa Rica cards, providing cardholders with the exceptional opportunity to digitize their cards and make contactless payments worldwide.

This milestone not only benefited Davivienda users with an innovative, secure and reliable payment method, but also positively impacted Evertec, providing an additional tokenization product reference to the prestigious bank. Evertec’s main objective was to certify the issuer tokenization product for the Apple Pay wallet, for the main card brands .

"At Evertec, we are proud to meet the needs of Banco Davivienda and support projects that drive digital transformation by facilitating fast, secure and contactless purchases.This advancement ensures that Davivienda is at the forefront of technology and payment facilities, providing the latest in innovation and security to its customers".

The solution not only reinforces Evertec’s position as a technology leader in the region, allowing such applications to operate with confidence and security, but also contributes significantly to the growth of Banco Davivienda’s portfolio.By staying aligned with payment trends, Apple Pay provides the bank with valuable information for decision making and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

This recognition highlights the successful collaboration between Banco Davivienda and Evertec, demonstrating the joint commitment to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that positively impact the user experience in Costa Rica’s financial sector.

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